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Boardwalk Marina Amenities

A Full-Service Marina Facility and More..

  Boardwalk Marina is a premier, all-inclusive, 4+ acre complex designed to meet the needs of the most discerning yachtsmen, captains and crew. Here, you will find an immense boatyard that can accommodate vessels of all sizes, over 1000 feet of riverfront dockage, 165 floating slips, as well as all of the necessary resources to repair, refit, refurbish your cherished yacht. Service ... Service ... Service ... The Best Boat Repair Facilities, Anywhere!!

 Fairfield County's Best Marina Facility includes:

                                           (Seasonal slips start at only $90 a foot)

165 Seasonal Slips

Secured Storage Box at each slip

Onsite Service shop

Fresh Water and Electricity at each slip

Vessel Dockage to 100 feet


Specializing in Boats over 30"

Member only Showers, Bathrooms

50 Ton Travel Lift

Gas Dock with boating store

Floating Docks

Secure Access with digital access key

Both Wet and Dry dock: Summer and Winter storage

Monthly Billing for Seasonal fees




Normal: $90/ft

Inside: $100/ft

T-Head: $115/ft


Slip / Term / Lease: 

Winter:  As of first freeze or Oct 1. All water and power will be terminated to all docks.

Summer:  April 15th - Oct 15th. 

50 Amp: $500 Cord 

30 Amp: $250 Cord


Land:  $57/ft






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